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Prada, founded in 1913 in Milan, offers men's and women's clothing, leather goods, footwear, eyewear and fragrances and Made to Measure service. 

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Prada handbags, shoes and clothing are one of the most prestigious brands in the world. These Prada products are popular with many people today and represent class and high fashion. The products manufactured in Italy have gotten the attention of the top fashion designers.
Prada is an Italian designer company that makes handbags, shoes, accessories, luggage and hats. All of the products from the Prada company are manufactured in Italy. The unique designs in Prada products have made their brand well known in the high fashion world. By the 1990's, the brand had become a premium status symbol.
  In 1913, Prada began producing goods in Milan, Italy. Miuccia Bianchi Prada, the youngest granddaughter of the company founder, Mario Prada, and her husband Patrizio Bertelli now own and run the company. In 2001, she was listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the richest people in the world.
It was Miuccia Prada that brought the company to the attention of the world. The women's ready-to-wear collection was launched in 1989 and became popular because of the clean lines, opulent fabrics and basic colors used in their designs. She was famous for creating dresses that had dropped waistlines and narrow belts. She chose to use basic colors like creams, blacks, browns and grays for her clothing line. Working class women loved them. The classic looks brought prestige to anyone who wore them.
With Patrizio as CEO of the company the expansion of their empire began. In past years some of the well known acquisitions were shares in the Gucci group, Louis Vuitton, Helmut Lang, Church & Co. and Fendi. A skin care product line was also purchased. In 2007, Prada also went into the cell phone market and came out with the LG Prada KE850, retailing at $800. Bertelli estimates that the revenues for Prada will increase to $5 billion dollars by the year 2010.
Prada has hired talented architects such as Herzog & de Meuron and Rem Koolhaas to design the stores that house their products. The Prada store in Milan, Italy has ornate artistic designs embedded in stone work as well as beautifully arched windows. The Prada name is displayed in gold letters against a smooth black finished background contributing to the image of high fashion.
You will find Prada stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Some of the famous places in America that have Prada stores are in the popular vacation spot, Honolulu, Hawaii. There are two Prada stores in Hawaii, one in the popular beach resort, Waikiki and one in the one of the largest shopping centers in the world, The Ala Moana Shopping Center. Their New York store is located on 5th Avenue, a prestigious shopping streets in the United States. You can find Prada stores in the infamous Beverly Hills, California and in San Francisco as well. No matter where you go, you will find people carrying Prada handbags, wearing Prada shoes or at least admiring Prada products.